Maria Fusco Fashion

Positano became famous in the 50′s resulting in “Positano-fashion” and the hand-made sandals that you can find in the small shops of the town. In Via Pasitea No. 24, next to Piazza Mulini, there is a small fashion business from Maria Fusco. The linen-fashion is really beautiful, and all items are handmade and unique. Be sure to stop by Maria’s shop – and don’t forget your credit card!

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Maria Grazia Ceramiche

To leave Positano without visiting the ceramic shop of Pasquale Romano in Piazza Mulini would be a terrible mistake! The ceramic plates in different colors and patterns are wonderful reminders for home or small gifts. Don’t forget to buy a small limoncello set – limoncello is the local liqueur and tastes almost like home in Positano!

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